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Taiwanese Ambassador donates to Albert area representative

Ambassador Charles Liu of the Embassy of the Republic of China, Taiwan today handed over a donation to Area Representative for the Albert Division, Tracy Taegar-Panton for a back to school drive under the Constituency Development Initiatives for the constituency. Minister Panton says aside from the donation, she will be holding further discussions with the Ambassador via the Regional Cooperation Fund to provide more programs within the Albert constituency.


Tracy Panton – Albert Area Representative
“We are in longer discussion with the ambassador and via the regional cooperation fund to provide more medium to long term programs in the Albert constituency, we are in the process of developing these project proposals particularly in the area of training. We would like to institute a resource center for young people for afterschool support and also there is always dire need for Housing support so there is a delegation that will be visiting from Taiwan around the end of September and it is our hope that our proposals will be ready for further discussion with that team when they come here in September. We hope that the Albert constituency can be used as a pilot project for other constituencies particularly in the Southside.”

A delegation from Taiwan will visit Belize in September and Taegar-Panton says she hopes to have her proposals ready for when they arrive.