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Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize Says Taiwan will Defend Itself Against China

The world is watching as tensions between China and Taiwan increase. China said it is extending threatening military exercises surrounding Taiwan that have disrupted shipping and air traffic and substantially raised concerns about the potential for conflict in a region crucial to global trade. The announcement increases uncertainty in the crisis that developed last week with U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. The exercises will include anti-submarine drills, apparently targeting U.S. support for Taiwan in the event of a potential Chinese invasion. China claims Taiwan as its territory and its leader, Xi Jinping, has focused on bringing the self-governing island democracy under the mainland’s control, by force if necessary. Here in Belize, Taiwan’s ambassador told Love News that Taiwan will defend itself fully. Hipolito Novelo reports.

Tonight Taiwan’s Ambassador to Belize condemning China’s reaction to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to the island-nation. 

David Kuan-Chou Chien, Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan): “China’s reaction to Speaker Pelosi’s visit is unreasonable and irresponsible.”

Ambassador David Kuan-Chou Chien exclusively telling Love News that Taiwan has the right to interact with whoever it wants and China, which sees Taiwan as a breakaway province, has no business in telling Taiwan otherwise. 

David Kuan-Chou Chien, Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan):The Republic of China Taiwan is an independent and sovereign country and the fact that neither the Republic of China Taiwan nor the People’s Republic of China PRC is subordinate to the other is both an internationally recognized fact and the long term status quo across the Taiwan Strait*. Taiwan definitely has the right to interact with the world and welcome, entertain the friends who support freedom and democracy to visit Taiwan which should not be interfered by the other countries.”

Following Pelosi’s visit, Beijing immediately began a five day military exercise involving live fire drills in seven designated zones surrounding Taiwan. 

David Kuan-Chou Chien, Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan): ” It is totally against the international regulations. Moreover on August 4th launched at least eleven, multiple ballistic missiles into the waters near Taiwan’s coast. This provocative and irresponsible military actions not only threatened the security of Taiwan and the safety of the Taiwanese people but also caused very serious impact on the peace and the stability of the region and of the world.”

And the world is watching, and according to the Ambassador, the world will watch how Taiwan defends itself if needs be the case. 

David Kuan-Chou Chien, Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan): “The Government of Taiwan condemns the provocative and irresponsible military exercise conducted by China and the military exercise has already stirred up high tensions in the region of the Indo Pacific and we demand the Beijing Authority to act with reason and to act with greater self restraint and Taiwan is a peace loving country. We don’t want war but we don’t back down. We will defend our sovereignty and security.”

Reporting for Love News, I am Hipolito Novelo.