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Taiwanese Delegations Explores Investment Opportunities in Belize

Taiwan Economic and Business Cooperation Mission visited Belize to explore trade and investment opportunities. The Mission was comprised of thirteen representatives from companies in Taiwan in various sectors including seafood, beverage as well as plastic recycling and biotechnology. Local Economy Development and Investment Councillor, Edmund Kwan, explained that the group also met with government officials and companies in the private sector Council to discuss potential areas of investment to promote development and employment opportunities.

Edmund Kwan, Councillor, Local Economy Dev. & Investment: Definitely this is the first step since I am a councillor, this is the first group of investors that came from Taiwan that has interest in Belize. It is therefore that our City Council, we extend our open arms. We welcome them. In other words, we will assist them if they have any interest in Belize. Our main goal is to bring industries, create jobs, and create opportunities locally. For example, the recycling, the plastic recycling. We will have drivers. We will have technicians. We will have engineers. We will have the logistics companies that will. We will have the shipping companies. Different aspects, different industries. It’s a domino effect. The point is, once we get them here, you know, it will trickle down to basically everyone even from the ones that pick up bottles from the street. They met with several different departments and sectors and stuff like that that we are not privy to but what I can tell you is that we had a very good response, especially from our Mayor and our council that we welcomed them and they very much liked our gesture and appreciated our gesture and actually through the Taiwan Embassy I had several other encounters with them and they are very happy and we do expect some sort of investments in the future.” 

The Embassy of Taiwan has been working closely with GOB to attract more business opportunities to boost the post-COVID economy.