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Taiwanese drama series debuts in Belize

Taiwanese drama series, “The New World” is the first of its kind to air in Belize. The award winning series has been dubbed in English and Spanish and begins airing in Belize on Love Television in a few days. Today, the Ambassador of the Republic of China, Taiwan, Remus Li-Kuo Chen and CEO of RSV Limited, Rene Villanueva Senior signed the program license agreement this morning.

Panber Pan Actor: “Hello everyone my name is Panber Pan. It is my pleasure to be here to share our drama The New World.”

Dalilah Ical: “The award winning drama series The New World debuts on Sunday February 3rd on Love Television. It marks the 30th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Belize and the Republic of China Taiwan which began in 1989. Ambassador of the Republic of China Taiwan to Belize His Excellency  Remus Li-Kuo Chen signed the licensing agreement.

Remus Li-Kuo Chen Ambassador of the Republic of China Taiwan: “The TV drama named The New World is a very famous and excellent series in Taiwan. It was broadcasted in 2015 and in that same year it got four nominations of the 50th Golden Bell Awards which is the top honor for a television series films or  broadcasting etc. in Taiwan. After the selection, voiceover and dubbing in English and Spanish, the Government of Taiwan has launched this TV series in Southeast Asia, America and the Caribbean region last December in 2018. It is a plot of friendship, romance and mystery so while you watch it you will think what happens to these protagonists in a 24 episode series. It is like a puzzle to be put together and figure out the enigma, besides they filmed this drama series in a Northeastern part, Northern part and also the Central and Southern parts of Taiwan so it is quite easy for you then to go through this watching experience and it will be a wonderful watching experience to actually see the different beautiful sceneries and be able to observe people’s daily lives in Taiwan. So it is time of course and I think Rene will also tell you how and when it will be broadcasted in Belize but to just quickly tell you it will be broadcasted at 3pm on Sunday February 3rd and after that there will be 24 weeks and you will be seeing that every Sunday afternoon at 3 pm so all of you are encouraged to watch the drama and even earn prizes. I know Love TV will have the prize quiz for the first two weeks so please join me and also my friends here and also all our friends in Belize.

Dalilah Ical: “ The series was filmed in several parts of the Republic of China, Taiwan allowing viewers to appreciate the country’s various sceneries and culture, a welcoming opportunity said CEO of RSV Limited Rene Villanueva Sr..

CEO RSV Limited Rene Villanueva Sr.: It is events like these like bringing Taiwan to our Belizean populations that ensures that this type of relationship continues so Ambassador thank you so much and please convey our thanks to the producers and our deepest appreciation and we will of course air this thing with gusto and we stand ready to air another because perhaps this is just the first in many but we are proud that we have been chosen to be the first to carry a Taiwanese drama in Belize.”

Dalilah Ical: “Francine Burns, Chair of the Belize Broadcasting Authority says the agreement is a step in the right direction when it comes to copyright compliance.”

Francine Burns, Chair of the Belize Broadcasting Authority: “Belize as a country is moving forward as a country with the signing of different treaties and agreements and abiding by them so this is a great step forward from a private entity to try to comply so kudos to them. We congratulate them and we are glad that they are being a leader and hopefully a lot more opportunities arise like this for other media houses as well so we are happy about it. There has been a lot of talk about the production of more local content because there is nothing better than for you to produce our own things and display our own culture and so forth so I know that a lot of the different media houses are trying to work on that, working towards getting copyright compliant and also signing the different agreements with external producers of content for us to be in compliance with the laws.”

Dalilah Ical: “The Ambassador of the Republic of China Taiwan will be holding a series of events as it continues to celebrate the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between both countries. Dalilah Ical Love News.

“The New World” airs every Sunday, starting February three. The episodes air at three o’clock in the afternoon and will be repeated on Thursday nights on Love Television. The public is invited to join in a quiz session on the Morning Show of Love Television for the first two weeks after the first episode airs to win prizes.//////