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Taiwanese Embassy donates to BPD

This morning the Embassy of China (Taiwan) handed over a cheque for seven thousand six hundred dollars to the commander of Eastern Division Region One, Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett. The donation was made to assist Gillett in his community policing efforts, in particular, the School Farming Project. A small ceremony was held at the Raccoon Street Precinct and Hipolito Novelo has the story.

Hipolito Novelo: The donation valued at $7,6000 dollars came courtesy of the Republic of China Taiwan. The moneys will go to the schools Farming Project which now has the participation of the Belize City at Risk Students. The check was handed over to eastern Division region one Commander Senior Superintendent Howell Gillet by Ambassador Charles Lui.

Charles Lui Ambassador of the Republic of China Taiwan: “I think this as a very good project so that is why and the Embassy would like to help and cooperate with my brother and also to let the young kids in Belize City to learn the way of life, to keep them away from the gangs, to keep them from the crimes.”

Hipolito Novelo:  The farming project will be rolled out to three schools: St. Martin De Porres Primary, St. Luke Methodist Primary and St. John’s Vianney Roman Catholic School. The initiative is expected to positively impact the lives of over 1 thousand students.

Howell Gillet Eastern Division Region One Commander: “If we don’t help our you people now to become positive adults to get a quality education then in the future we might have to be dealing with them as criminals and we don’t want that so to prevent that we want to help young people from this very early stage.”

Hipolito Novelo: How many kids in total and at what level of this group?

Howell Gillette Eastern Division Region One Commander:  “It will be about around $1500 kids who will be impacted directly as a result of what we are doing.”

Hipolito Novelo Reporter: As a result of St. John’s Vianney RC School a similar agricultural project is currently on the way but with the new infusion of money. Principal Felix Sutherland hopes that it will be enhanced to greater extent.

Felix Sutherland: “We are located in the poorest of the poor of Belize City and if there is no security if we don’t have food security and we believe that if our students could do their backyard garden because we don’t want them only to do it at school but we want the transfer of knowledge to take home and maybe they do not have yard that is well filled but they could collect some paint pan, the gallon paint pan and if they can grow tomato in the paint pan and average one of those vines would give about 10 pounds so if they could provide 10 pounds of sweet pepper in a paint pan then certainly it could assist to enhance their parents capability of feeding themselves.”

Reporting for Love News this is Hipolito Novelo.

Gillett and his team will be working with the Ministry of Agriculture to implement a similar project at All Saint’s Primary School.