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Taiwan’s Foreign Minister to visit Belize

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister, Joseph Wu is expected to arrive in Belize on July 16, for a two-day visit. Wu will meet with Prime Minister Dean Barrow as well as visit the Taiwanese Embassy.  He is also expected to visit El Salvador. The trip is in an effort to strengthen Taiwan’s ties with its allies. China’s claim to Taiwan has prevented it from becoming a member of the United Nations since only sovereign states can be a member. Therefore, Taiwan has been forming allies in the hopes of making inroads to becoming a member of the United Nations.  In the early 1990s Taiwan had ties with as many as thirty countries; however, that number has dropped to eighteen because of pressure from China.  Like Taiwan, Belize’s quest to become a member of the United Nations was made difficult by Guatemala which refused to recognize our sovereignty. Therefore, Belize can surely relate as it has long enjoyed a fruitful relationship with Taiwan.