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Take Action on Climate Change

Today, July 10, marks the first day of a regional meteorologists workshop organized by the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC). The workshop will be a three day event taking place at Biltmore Plaza with representatives of the National Meteorological Services of the Caribbean and Central America.  Love News spoke to Carlo Fuller, International and Regional Liaison Officer of the CCCCC, where he spoke about what the workshop plans to achieve and the health of our own Observing Center.

Carlos Fuller – International & Regional Liaison Officer: “First of all, we want to hear from all the countries, what is the state of their observing networks? Is the surface network good? Is the ocean network good? Are there any gaps, are there any issues regarding instrumentation that you are using? Is the data being collected and stored properly and is it being faired with the rest of the world and then finally do you require resources to continue these networks or to strengthen your networks? There are various sources of funding that then countries can access: one of them in particular under the Climate Change Convention has a financial mechanism and it has two operating entities: The Global Environmental Facility and the Green Climate Fund and so those sources of funding can provide the resources indeed to strengthen these observing networks. I can see that the weather observations are much more than we had before. The weather radar is operating almost continually, I can see loops of the weather information. Satellite imagery is being received on a regular basis, we are continuing to launch our weather balloons twice a day providing a profile of the atmosphere above Belize so indeed I think our observing system is in a very healthy state and the issue is now that we need to maintain it.

The Hurricane season seems to be quiet so far but citizens are still advised to keep watching the weather report daily and to be prepared.//////