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Tampered Blood Samples Investigated in Pakeman’s Case

A scenes of crime technician is being investigated for tampering with the blood sample of Dean Dawson. Six months ago, Dawson was knocked down and killed by Press Office Director, Dorian Pakemen who has been placed on unpaid leave after Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster revealed that Pakeman’s blood specimen had tested positive for cocaine. Dawson’s blood sample was taken when the autopsy was being conducted at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and later transferred to the National Forensic Science Service, NFSS, in Ladyville. Yesterday Broaster told the media that the blood sample had a concentration of ethanol which is impossible for any human being to consume. Broaster is pointing fingers at a scenes of crime technician who works for the National Forensic Science Service. Director of the National Forensic Science Service, David Henderson spoke on the matter.


No charges have been filed against Pakeman in connection with the incident.