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Tarique Cano wants to be President of the Cycling Federation

Tarique Cano, a professional cyclist in Belize, says he is a registered member of the Cycling Federation of Belize, CFB. Cano sent a letter to the President of the CFB Dion Leslie expressing 7 concerns with regards to the management of the sport. In response, the CFB told Cano’s attorney that he is quote, “not a registered member of the Cycling Federation of Belize since he has not completed the required process”. End of quote. Cano is disputing this as he has shown Love News receipts dated January 3 which show he made a deposit into the CFB’s Heritage Bank account. Cano say this was for his membership fee. Cano also showed us that he has completed the application form. Cano plans to run as President of the Federation. He told us why.


“I’ve been in cycling since the age of ten years old. Now I am twenty-seven years of age. I have represented Belize locally and internationally. As recent as last year I have been putting together, mixed teams actually of Belizeans, Guatemalans, Mexicans and Costa Ricans to do international races and getting more Belizeans out there to be noticed by these continental pro-teams so they can be picked up and developed. My hope and my aspiration for this is that I want to move cycling from being local to being international. I want that our talent can be shown outside and they can end up getting paid for what they’re doing, doing proper programs from a younger age so that these guys can get out there. Belize has a lot of talent in many different sports and cycling, believe it or not, naturally we are very talented when we go outside but we don’t have the proper structure, we don’t have the financial support and that’s what’s damaging support so with that, my hope is to broaden the horizons internationally for these athletes, get them properly developed, get the females developed, get the youths developed and turn Belizean cycling global. That’s my dream and that’s my objective. As president or as a regular cyclist, I would do that. The reason we are here, Mr. Hao Cheng Lee, Chris Ramirez and Ms. Karen and myself, we came together, is because we genuinely love the sport of cycling. We’ve been around it for years and we want to see it get ahead. We are here yes, voicing our concerns but we are also here for the cycling body who are afraid to voice their opinions because they don’t want to be victimized in any kind of way’ so that’s why we are pressing forward. We want to help improve the conditions and the environment in cycling so that people can come forward and voice their opinions, share their ideas  and have it done you know. Have a fruitful structure so we can move forward.”

 Forming part of Cano’s slate is Karen Vernon as his Vice President Candidate, Chris Ramirez and Hao Cheng Lee. Lee also wrote to Leslie with similar concerns to Cano. In response, the CFB told Lee that he is not a registered member of the Federation. Lee told Love News that he has proof of payment when he signed up as a manager and a team, making him an official member of the federation. He also told Love News that if he had not done so, then he would not be allowed to participate in the Krem Classic 2018.