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TASA says BFF is Inaccurate regarding Board Composition and Status

The Executive Director of TASA, Valdemar Andrade says that the Belize Federation of Fishers is misinformed. Not only is TASA in good standing, the BFF continues to be a stakeholder on the board of TASA and was not ejected as it had asserted. Andrade told Love News that the BFF had attended 90 percent of its meetings and the organization had reached out to the BFF to clarify any misunderstanding it had which should have been ventilated at a board meeting.

The Executive Director of TASA, Valdemar Andrade: “The organization has been monitoring the barrage of media appearances by Mr. Martinez reporting to be under the banner of the BFF. We can surely demonstrate that we have done our utmost best to be in good standing. They have been on our board and have never been off our board. That statement in their press release is completely false. They have been on our board and approved any changes that we have made and they have also approved all the audit statements so they are privy to all the audit statements and as I showed you before we have under the Non Profit Act we have our Certificate of Cooperation and since I have been here from 2016, 2017 and 2018 we are in good standing and we are just now getting prepared to file for 2019 so under the NGO Act we are finalizing our good standing as well. At the end of the day for Mr. Martinez to state and give the impression that the organization is less than accredited you know especially and I know that I have a team of hard working people who are making great impacts. I can show you our statistics and this is just up to October 27th and I can show you the attendance of the BFF to our board. They have been to 96.1% of our board meetings so I have no idea what Mr. Martinez is talking about. I can tell you that we invited them to the stakeholder meeting and whether they came or not that is another question but I sent them an email to Mr. Martinez himself on August 1st and 3rd along with the agenda of what was going to be discussed at the stakeholder meeting and site visit along with PAC so he cannot say he has no knowledge of what is happening there. His Chairman: one of the three Chairmen they had in 2018 because they changed three Chairmen in 2018. Mr. Mark Thompson was at the October 17th board meeting where we presented all the details of the PAC Grant and I can show these are the relevant pages from my ED presentation to that board meeting. We are still reaching out to the BFF today to the new Chairman to ascertain how we can best work at it. We have not been in the media on this matter because we feel that the BFF is a part of our board and that this matter should have been tabled internally in an internal grievance mechanism if this was an issue but when we went through all the processes this was never raised at our board meeting.”

TASA had sent a press release earlier today refuting all the claims made by the BFF and provided documented proof to show it continues to be in good standing with the relevant agencies.