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Taxi Driver stabbed by a passenger

Last week, we reported that 51-year-old, Rockson Odiete, a taxi driver, was stabbed multiple times by one of his passengers.  Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo supplied an update in the case.

Asp Alejandro Cowo: “Police were called to Gentle Ave. where upon arrival they observed a male person of dark complexion lying on the pavement suffering from several apparent stab wounds to the chest and to the back. This male person was transported to the hospital where he was admitted. Police later on found out that he is Mr. Raxton Ordiet from that same Gentle Ave. address. What we understand so far is that Mr. Ordiet was on Freetown when he was stopped by a male person who asked him to carry him to Kelly St. and other surrounding areas within that area. However the person did not give him and exact address and after Mr. Ordiet was  passing by Kelly St. and Hunters Lane and other areas within that area he drove to his address by Gentle Lane and whilst they were on Gentle Lane the male person who was seated behind him just stab him several times to the chest, he managed to run out of the vehicle and he fell to the pavement.”

Odiete, who is a Nigerian national currently residing in Belize.