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Taxi man found naked with a boy in a hotel room

Well known taxi man, seventy-six-year-old Roy “Bullet” Craig, denies he sexually assaulted a 16-year-old boy. Belize City police responded to a 911 call on Friday night which led them to a hotel room where they found Craig in the company of the boy. Assistant Superintendent of Police in charge of the Crimes Investigation Branch in Belize Alejandro Cowo, confirmed to the media that the Department of Human Services is involved in the investigation.


“Upon their arrival at room number thirty, they observed a male person and a minor completely nude as a result the minor was escorted to the Police station and the Male person was detained. So far the investigation one person was charged on Saturday morning that person is Mr. Roy Craig and he was charged with the offense of sexual assault upon a minor.”


“Are you able to say if the male minor met Mr. Craig at the hotel? Did Mr. Craig picked up the male minor or forced the male minor to go to the hotel room hotel?”


“What we understand is that the male person was walking on Ceaser Ridge Road when before reaching by the football field he met Mr. Craig there and he was placed inside of the vehicle and taken to Tony’s hotel located on Coney Drive.”

Investigators say that before going to the hotel, Craig stopped at an ATM and later at a restaurant where he bought beers. During his arraignment, Craig pled not guilty. Magistrate Michelle Trapp offered him bail of five thousand dollars on the condition that he does not go within one hundred feet of the complainant and does not contact the complainant or any member of his family.