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Taxi man is stabbed and recovers in Guatemala before filing report

A taxi operator, Walter Lopez says he was robbed and stabbed by a group of men last week. Lopez told police that his ordeal began when he was working in Benque Viejo Town, Cayo District, where he picked up three men; but Lopez made the report five days after he was attacked. ACP Joseph Myvett says why and provided the details of his report.

ACP Joseph Myvett: “On the 22nd February one Walter Lopez 38 years a Taxi Driver of a Unitedville Village address visited the Benque Viejo Police Station where he reported to the Police that on the 17th of February sometime around 8:30 PM whilst he was doing Taxi services within Benque Viejo Town and whilst in the area of the bus terminal he stopped his vehicle for one male hispanic passenger who got in and then requested that he be taken to a specific area and whilst at the area two other male person approached the Taxi who also boarded the Taxi. In the process the driver was stabbed several times and relieved of his personal belongings. As a result he managed to make good his escape and according to him he drove straight across the border in Melchor to seek medical attention. This was on the 17th and then he came back and made this report on the 22nd.”

ACP Myvett says that they are working with police in Melchor as they investigate the report.