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Teacher Chopped Out West

A man remains in hospital and a second is at home nursing injuries after a confrontation turned violent yesterday afternoon in Belmopan’s Maya Mopan area. As we reported, sometime after one o’clock, fifty-seven-year-old Wilfred Neal attacked twenty-three-year-old Tristian Lodge with a machete and inflicted several wounds to Lodge. Thereafter, Lodge managed to overpower Neal, relieving him of the machete and inflicted a chop to the left side of the of Neal’s head. According to Lodge, Neal, a teacher, was about to be evicted from the house and as he was leaving something happened. Lodge spoke to the media.

Tristan Lodge, Victim

Tristan Lodge, Victim: “I was sitting down here having a little conversation with my bralee and the gentleman from upstairs was supposed to move out yesterday so he was coming down with some buckets and a stand in his hand. So when he was coming down the man ended up tripping on his own feet and I ended up laughing at the man. When I laughed at him it looked like he got embarrassed and ran upstairs for a machete and talked about he will kill me and started to come at me swinging. So the man just came at me first firing a chop at my head and then I dodged that and so the man gave me this first injury on my head. So the man ended up attacking me in my house and I had to stomp the man out of the house because he was coming chopping at me. So I eventually stomped him out of the house we ended up out here and I tried taking the machete away from him and that is how I got a cut on my finger here. After that we ended up scuffling on the ground until I eventually took away the machete from the man and chopped him and basically that was it until the police got here. The fight inside actually started from out here because like I said when the man ran from upstairs with his machete to attack me I ended up jumping up and when I jumped up I just walked and took two steps inside and then the man fired the first shot that hit me that looks like he was trying to chop me in my head. So when that ended up happening inside I was trying to maneuver inside for him to not hurt me more and so that is how I ended up taking the machete and stomped him. When I stomped him flew out here and I flew at him to o because I’m not going to leave you right there to leave myself open so you can hurt me.”

Reporter: So what’s next ? Police report ? Pursue action ? What’s next ?

Tristan Lodge, Victim: “Well I have to go to police station to make a police report so the police can see because basically if I don’t go to make a report it could turn the tables on me, the self defense could turn on me because in a sense I give the man an injury on his head but then it’s not my weapon like I’ve been explaining. I didn’t have a machete or anything I took away the machete from him and inflicted the injury on him with his own weapon.”

Lodge says that it has been suspected that Neal has some mental issues given his often frequent outbursts and other idiosyncrasies, which bother other tenants.

Tristan Lodge, Victim: “The main claims he has a mental problem but basically like I’m telling, I actually told the man provocation leads to murderation you know because I wasn’t provoking this man not one day. He does all the provoking so I don’t know what the man’s issue is with me or whatever but it looks like he just has a problem with me and it looks like he wanted to kill me that day and just move out.”

Reporter: You’re saying this is the first time. 

Tristan Lodge, Victim: “This man would literally spit in front of my foot, he’s coming down from upstairs and he would spitting in front of your foot and that kind of thing, that’s real disrespect and then to be an elderly person and going on like that come on I’m a youth I’m not disrespecting you. The first time I was here I actually saw the man coming from upstairs I bid the man the time of the day and told him morning sir and the man ended up making his stupid noise and acting like he’s a bird.”

Police Commissioner Chester Williams spoke about the matter when he was quizzed about it this morning.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “There was an incident between a landlord and a tenant where apparently the landlord went to have some discussion with the tenant and that resulted in a machete being pulled and the landlord inflicted chop wounds to the tenant. The tenant and the landlord got into a scuffle during which the tenant took away the machete and inflicted a chop wound to the landlord. Both men were transported to the Western Regional Hospital where they were treated and released and the injuries classified as wounding.”

Neal remains hospitalized while Lodge was treated and released.