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Teacher Dies During Fishing Trip

What should have been a peaceful fishing trip among friends ended up in the untimely death of an August Pine Ridge teacher at the Lamanai Lagoon this past Sunday. Three men went fishing aboard a canoe and it overturned. While two of the men managed to swim ashore, the third, 39-year-old Bartolo Torres, was not so lucky. Over the weekend family and friends along with the Belize Coast Guard searched for the body. This morning at around 4:30 the body was found. Deputy Officer in Charge of the Orange Walk Police Station, Inspector Nicolas Palomo tells what happened on the fateful trip.


“Three guys went fishing at the Lamanai Lagoon in the San Carlos area in the Orange Walk district. Two of them are coast guard and the third one is a tourists. About three miles south west of San Carlos it looks like the waves were two high and it overturned the dorey that they were in. The two coast guard guys managed to swim to the lagoon swim and the third guy went down and didn’t resurface until this morning. That happened on Sunday at 11:45.”

A post mortem was conducted  in the area of San Carlos in the Orange Walk District.