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Teachers and Parents Tells Authorities They Will Not Stop

Last week we told of the Teachers Services Commission requiring that some concerns be addressed by the Faith Nazarene Primary School following a request for the transfer and the long leave for the school’s Principal, Policarpia Pech.  Following that decision, there was an appeal by the school’s General Manager, Raymond Sheppard as well as an appeal by the Ministry of Education to the parents to allow due process to take its course and to not keep their children out of school.  Subsequent to that appeal, the parents and teachers met on Friday, September 25 and concluded that further consultations between teachers and parents will continue.  They also decided that the parents who were withholding their children from attending classes will now have them return to school today.  While the parents are heeding to the request by the Ministry of Education, a release sent out today did state, quote, “this does not mean that the parents and teachers have stopped, or will stop advocating or agitating for change at Faith Nazarene Primary – including the demand that Principal Pech cannot continue her tenure at an institution where she has clearly lost the trust and confidence of virtually all teaching staff and of the majority of parents whose children attend there.”  End of quote.  The release went on to inform that the core group has received legal advice and are now clear on what should be the next step in moving forward, including the demand for them to be heard by the Teaching Services Commission.  The release did go on to state the Ministry of Education must not be allowed to shirk from its duty of guaranteeing that every Belizean child gets an education as is stated in the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, enshrined in the Families and Children Act.  The parents and teachers are claiming that they have been abandoned and their views have been disregarded both by the school’s management, the ministry and the Teaching Services Commission and they will no longer allow this to go on and are therefore prepared to take the necessary action in ensuring that they are heard.  The release ended with the paragraph, quote, “We will not abandon our struggle to do right by our children, even when we are being chastised and cautioned about mob-rule and the rule of law. Our children are the most precious resource of this nation, and they deserve no less than a good, solid education, in an environment which is free from conflict and petty personal agendas.”  End of quote.