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Teachers are advised to stay home to conduct classes due to inclement weather

Teachers are being required to work from home for the remainder of this week due to the current weather conditions across the country. The Ministry of Education announced this morning that teachers do not need to go into school, but rather proceed to conduct their online classes from the comfort of their homes.  Chief Education Officer Dr Carol Babb clarified all aspects of this decision for both primary and secondary levels.  Dr Babb added that teachers will also be out of the classroom next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Carol Babb, Chief Education Officer, Ministry of Education: “The senior managers and I have decided due to inclement weather we’re going to ask teachers to work from home. Well nobody will be at the school so I don’t know how parents will be able to pick up packages. I am hoping that parents had some packages already and we’ve also given parents some text books so I’m hoping that the teachers can communicate with parents as a number of teachers said that they have Whatsapp groups with their parents maybe they can communicate with parents and tell them what to do for the next three days because schools will be closed, the rainfall is very heavy as you know and we don’t expect teachers to be out we want them to keep safe so if parents don’t have packages at this moment I am hoping that teachers will communicate with parents and tell parents what they can do for the next three days. I know at the high school level teachers are doing online classes so I believe those classes can continue. I’ve spoken to a few high school principals and they said that online classes will continue so that should not be an issue but at the primary level most students are engaged with hard copies of work so I believe if they don’t have it then maybe teachers can talk with them, communicate with parents and ask them to use some of the text books or simply ask parents to read with their children, read with and to their children, provide them with some guided questions as how they can engage their children during this time when teachers are unable to go to work. Some schools will be used as polling stations and counting stations, only those schools that are used as polling or counting stations teachers will be asked to work from home. So if your school is a polling station you will be asked to work from home on Tuesday and Thursday- Wednesday is a public and bank holiday so we don’t expect teachers to engage in any distanced education but for Tuesday and Thursday if your school is used as a counting or polling station then you are expected to work from home.”

It is to be noted that the date of the general elections, Wednesday, November 11 has been declared a public and bank holiday.