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Teachers decide to withhold contributions for school managements who want to deduct their pay

The Belize National Teachers Union has decided to take action against school managements that have decided to deduct salaries from teachers who participated in the rally on March 22 in Belmopan. The teachers rallied against the increase in crime committed against women and children. While the school’s managements have the right to deduct from their salaries, it is the teachers’ belief that it should not be done because they were peacefully demonstrating for a worthy cause. But since some school managements have decided to go ahead with the salary deductions, the teachers have decided to withhold contributions and donations to those school managements. Today reporter Hipolito Novelo sat down with BNTU President, Senator Elena Smith.


While approximately seven hundred teachers attended the rally, it is not yet known how many teachers will be affected by the managements’ decision.