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Teachers’ hardship allowance pay inconsistent, BNTU looks into the matter

The matter was discussed at a council meeting held last Friday. BNTU President Elena Smith said that they also discussed another issue that was brought to their attention. That surrounds hardship allowance. Smith says the BNTU has been told that at least one school management made hardship allowance payments using a proposed new list. She explained what happened.

Elena Smith, President of the BNTU: “A teacher had sent me his pay slip and it showed that this particular management the teacher received his hardship allowance from September to to November and when he received the allowance it was noted that the allowance was given on the proposed new list and so the management then despite the fact that the ministry had put out publicly that the old list remained in effect that management went ahead and used the proposed list and so then these teachers then were short in terms of what they should be getting. SO that matter was brought to our attention, I immediately called the management and explained to them what the situation was and I was told that the matter was done in error because at the time the ministry had given the go ahead to say effective September it would have been the new list and so it seemed as if though they had already sent in the documents when the change was made.”

Smith says that so far they only know of this case. They have not received any other complaints or queries from teachers of other school managements.