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Teachers at ITVET Orange Walk receive salaries

Teachers at ITVET in Orange Walk Town have received their salaries and it is business as usual at the institution. The teachers had staged a sit out from November thirteenth to the fifteenth because they protested issues surrounding their salaries and other grievances with the school administration. Deputy Chief Education Officer, Cecelia Smith along with Brenda Armstrong from the Secondary Schools Supervision and Support Unit met with teachers on November fifteenth and promised to address the matters tabled. Spokesperson for the teachers, Luis Ramos, says so far teachers are satisfied with the Ministry’s quick and favorable response.

Voice 1: “On today’s we have received, all of the teachers have received their salaries. At least for this year we know that we are in the payroll system and I understand that the ministry has a smart system and that will assure for at least this year and we are hopeful and we are living in good faith that everything will work out well.”

Reporter: Now you also had other grievances with the administration, were those ironed out ?

Voice 1: “We were promised to keep those on the table and we will continue the dialogue with the Ministry and the administration and soon we will be resolving those. As a matter of fact the Minister of Education and Deputy Prime Minister has agreed to visit us and at that point we will make more concise our position. Up to now we are satisfied with what we have gotten and we think that we can negotiate further.”

The meeting with Minister of Education Patrick Faber is expected to happen before school closes for the Christmas holidays.