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Teachers must undergo training to maintain their full license

As we told you teachers have been given until December 1, to apply for their full teachers’ license. Ministry of Education, Chief Education Officer Dr Carol Babb, spoke to the media on the deadline, adding that teachers are required to do one hundred and twenty clock hours over a five-year period in order to keep current.
Carol Babb, Chief Education Officer: “We’ve grandfathered in those people who had their full license from 2014 and before. So if you had a license from 2012 and you didn’t complete your 120 clock hours we are still going to renew your license, you will automatically be given a new license. The other teachers are expected to ensure that they have their 120 clock hours and there are different ways of achieving that. You can actually go to CPDs in the month of August or you can do CPDs throughout the year, you can do an online course. You can select a course that you want to do, the important thing is that you must submit that course outline for approval. So I don’t have to wait until TEDS or my management offers a course  if I see an interesting course that I want to take online submit that to TEDS and TEDS will say ‘this is good. This will help you to develop to become a better teacher.’ It’s only for teachers with full licenses to maintain their licenses they must do a 120‌ ‌clock hours have to do professional development, nurses have to do professional development, all professions; imagine if they didn’t do that what would happen.”
Dr. Babb noted that the requirement is mandatory in order for teachers to maintain their full license.