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Teachers On A Go-Slow in the South

Over a dozen teachers at St Peter Claver Roman Catholic School in Punta Gorda Town, Toledo District are on a go-slow following several administrative issues.  Correspondent Paul Mahung has the story.

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: Majority of teachers at St.Peter Claver School in Punta Gorda are on go slow action in protest of various management issues affecting their teaching career. Seventeen of twenty three St.Peter Claver School teachers participating in go slow action remain out on the street side by the school where three of the concerned teachers on behalf of the group spoke to Love News beginning with teacher Ray Martinez.

Ray Martinez, Teacher: “The issue is that of getting resolution to a problem that has been plaguing our school for quite some time now. We as teachers are out there to display our displeasure with how matters have been played out at our school. We realized that injustices have taken place on the part of the Assistant Local Manager and the fact that a letter was sent to the general manager of Catholic Public Schools to help us with this issue and to this date no resolution has been found. The letter was sent on October 29th and now we’re in February and still yet no means of how we can put this matter to rest. So we’re appealing to those in authority to come in and help us. We need impartial bodies be it union, be it the commission, be it the very office of the general manager of public schools to come in and help us.”

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: Teachers at St.Peter Claver School are scheduled to be at work in their respective classrooms on Monday and Tuesday of the week but the go slow action today has so far changed that program. The concerns of the teachers have been heard and are addressed as explained to Love News by Toledo Catholic Schools Assistant Local Manager Claret Jacobs

Claret Jacobs, Toledo Catholic Schools Assistant Manager: “I want to categorically state that our management is in the process of addressing the concerns of the teachers at St.Peter Claver School. We have heard what they have to say, we have met with the administrative team at St.Peter Claver School and so my GM is aware of it, so too is our local manager Father Matt, the Principal, the Administrative Principal, and Vice Principals are on board and hence we will do all we can to ensure that everything works out for the betterment of the children and St. Peter Claver School.”

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: Your comment on the resignation of the principal ?

Claret Jacobs, Toledo Catholic Schools Assistant Manager: “We had a two day meeting with the teachers at St.Peter Claver school who shared their overall concerns. A day later the principal resigned from her post but she rescinded her resignation the very same day she resigned.”

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: Is there any meeting planned to address this issue ? 

Claret Jacobs, Toledo Catholic Schools Assistant Manager: “Yes there is a meeting planned with the necessary parties which will be my General Manager, myself, the Admin team at St.Peter Claver School and a personnel from the Ministry of Education.”

We are following this story as it progresses.