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A Shortened Christmas Break for Teachers

Perhaps, there is nothing more sacred to teachers than their wages and their holidays.  Tonight, however, it seems changes may be on the horizon as Love News has received a 2-page document of the School Calendar for 2019/2020 for Government and Grant-Aided Pre and Primary Schools.  From this calendar, what has usually been a three week Christmas holiday has been cut down by almost one week.  As with most things, the calendar has been circulated on social media over the weekend and several teachers have been expressing upset at the change.  One teacher wrote, quote, “Other people leave their jobs at 5pm and don’t have to return until 8am! We always have a lot more to do and more than teachers of the past. We carry these children’s home problems and academic problems and try to find out how to help them overcome it while trying to fit them in a system only built for the top tenth percentile of the populace whole, trying to handle behavioral problems that obstruct learning and being criticised EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.”  End of quote.  Another teacher noted, quote, “Kids need the break as well.  All school work doesn’t help; people haven’t grasped the concept that it doesn’t matter how many times or how many ways you have devised to get the horse to the water.  In our days you were forced to drink until you realized it was good for you and you prospered but now they can’t do that and yet they want the same results.. Just because you do something more doesn’t mean you will get better if there is no focus, no discipline, no desire and no energy.”  End of quote.  Love News reached out to the Ministry of Education for a comment but we were told that the matter is still being revised./////