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Teachers Speak on Curriculum Adjustments

Some weeks ago we told you of the plans by the Belize National Teachers Union to present a proposal to the Ministry of Education that will seek to incorporate history and geography into the school’s curriculum with an emphasis on the Belize/Guatemala situation.  It is a proposal that Belize District President, Kathleen Flowers says will take several consultations with its union members.


“What we would have to do is gather our school reps, these are the persons who are our heartbeat in the school and we would speak to them about how we can approach it but whenever we have issues of this nature we gather the resources so that we can do some in house training of our teachers in training. We will first speak with our teachers from the school rep level. We are definitely endorsing that because we realize that at the branch level because we recognize that it’s very important for our children to know this and take ownership of their nation so that when they are called upon to exhibit patriotism and love for country they would know the history that brought us to where we are. So definitely that’s something that we will approach. It will be a piece meal activity because we can’t do it one bat but we will go on to do it one piece at a time and incrementally bring this into the curriculum, from all levels.”

While Flowers says they will plan to consult the teachers on this proposal, Love News asked a few of them to weigh in on the proposed curriculum amendments.


“Very much so; I do because the Guatemalans are teaching their children otherwise that Belize belongs to them and we must enforce with our Belizean children that Belize is for Belize. I do believe that we must place this within our curriculum and to enforce it more within our education system so that our students learn of our history because I myself as a teacher when going to Cayo and looking at the Belize-Guatemala issue it has been a learning experience for me. There is so much that we did not know, so much that we need to learn more as to why we must stand up and fight for Belize.”


“I’m a unionist but I support that we need to get that back into the curriculum. They are not fully aware because they have not been given the information. Most people have to go and try and find out to get the information on that.”


“Education should be relevant. There are some things that we are educated about that might not affect us immediately but we shouldn’t live in a nation that is being impacted by various things and be aloof to it. We shouldn’t be ignorant about it. Education itself even when lessons are being planned we use examples that are pertinent to what is going on so really that is a good move. It makes the child more vocal, it makes the child more involved with what is happening in the nation and to really build a greater love of the country, a greater appreciation of Belize.”

History and Geography are given in some secondary schools but with minimal emphasis.