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Teachers Storm Orange Walk

Some people were gearing up for the long Commonwealth Day weekend, union members descended on Orange Walk Town today as they continue strike action against the government. The BNTU, PSU and APSSM continue to be against the ten percent pay cut even though unions want a better compensation package. The Joint Unions are also fighting for good governance and an end to corruption. As we mentioned, the unions took their protest to Orange Walk Town, the home of the Prime Minister. Before their rally began, the street on which the Prime Minister’s house is located was blocked but that did not stop the unions from removing the barricade. This evening Commissioner of Police Chester Williams told the media that it was the police who took the decision to block the street. Williams says that the teachers continue to act against the law.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “The actions of the teachers continue to be one that is to some extent against the law. They’re picketing, demonstrating without any permit, they are going about in large crowds above what the quarantine regulations stipulates and we continue to exercise restraint because we really and truly want to avoid any sort of confrontation with them because a confrontation is not going to do either side any good.”

Reporter: But if they remove a barrier they’re looking for trouble sir.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Yes but again you see the police continue to see how we can exercise restraint and may I say that the Prime Minister have been very very much patient as well because even when we discussed he had said to me he said “Commissioner if they want to pass my house I don’t have an issue with it.” But we have seen what had happened in the past. One time I went by the former Prime Minister’s house, Said Musa, and they stoned his home. We have seen where there had been actions done maybe not by the union members themselves but their followers where they step out of line and do things that are totally uncalled for or criminal and so again I will sound the warning to the teachers that their actions are becoming intolerable not only to the police but to the wider public and it is something that while we understand what it is that they may be trying to fight for that there is a way to do things and when you follow an illegal route to do things then that don’t make you any better.”