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Teachers Street: temporary a one Way

Teachers Street, which is located in the West Landivar area, in Belize City was temporarily turned into a one way street yesterday.  The Belize City Council announced that traffic will now only flow one-way from Blue Marlin Boulevard into University Drive. Councilor Dion Leslie spoke to the media about the change.

Councilor Dion Leslie

“Those who do traffic Teacher Street in the morning it’s been an issue since we’ve upgraded it, the street became a little bit more narrow than it was before and you do have vehicles parking on the side so the morning commute for those coming and going from that area has been a headache because you’ve had vehicles- it’s not openly a two way street so we said let’s look at it and do it for one week and try it out to see how it is and then we go back to the residents and we get their input on it. And so we are doing the one week trial and then come the end of the week we will meet with the residents and see whether or not it was successful or not. It’s something that also our traffic manager was a part of. It’s a decision that we have to look at traffic flow we have to look at everything that will benefit the city and the flow of traffic and benefit the residents and so this is one of the things and it’s something that is not set in stone, its just a one week trial and then come the end of the week we will revisit it and discuss it and then we will make a further decision from there.”