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Teachers to Receive New Curriculum Framework Units By End of the Month

The revised curriculum framework is slated to be implemented by January 2023, which is just three months away. Some teachers have raised concerns of not even seeing what the new curriculum entails, despite the reopening of secondary schools last week. According to the Ministry of Education’s Chief Education Officer, Yolanda Gongora, a memorandum has been sent out to schools informing them of the different phases that the roll out will see. Gongora explains more.

Yolanda Gongora, Chief Education Officer, Ministry of Education: “I sent out as the Chief Education Officer a memorandum circular to all schools in June indicating that, and the memo has the dates that the units and assessments will be uploaded and they are all at the end of the month. So for example, for September and October they would receive the unit plans and assessments for those two months the 31st August and then in October they would be receiving the ones for November and December. So a circular was sent out to all schools so I just would like to ask if principals have not circulated if they can do so so that the teachers are aware that there are designated dates that we would be uploading the units and assessments on our portals as well as providing it to our managing authorities. Remember this is a transition year and as we go about this we will be understanding what are the challenges we are experiencing and be able to do a better job the following month.”

Classes at the primary level will resume next week, September 5.