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Teachers’ Wages Intact for October; November May Be Iffy

As we head into the weekend, we can tell you that the proposal still stands that was sent by the Ministry of Education to have the BNTU’s Strike Fund finance some of the teachers’ salaries.  Some compromise has been lent to the situation, however as the Education Minister, Patrick Faber has decided to give the process some time to be ironed out and with that, teachers will be receiving their complete salary for the month of October.

Despite the delay in deductions of the teachers’ salaries, Minister Faber says the proposal remains to have the BNTU’s Strike Fund used to pay the teachers who went on strike.  He added that while President of the BNTU, Luke Palacio has stated that the Strike Fund is not for that purpose, Minister Faber says that may not be entirely true.

One of the proposals coming up to the ministry is to pay the teachers in full whilst demanding that they put in extra hours to make up for time lost in the classrooms.  It would be ideal for those who chose to go on strike but what happens to those who chose to go to school instead.

The situation remains fluid as there is still a meeting pending between the ministry and the BNTU which Minister Patrick Faber had sought to have this morning but due to time constraints, both parties have agreed to meet at a later date.