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Team Belize captures silver in U23 CA Female Volleyball Tournament

Team Belize placed second in the Under-23 Central American Female Volleyball Championship 2019 which was held in Managua, Nicaragua. The delegation was made up of twelve players, three coaches and one referee.  The team returned to Belize yesterday with their silver medals.  Love News spoke with two of the team members who said that the competition was stiff, but they were able to rise to the challenge.

Sherika Burton – Captain, U23 Volleyball National Team: “So we started to practice from last year because the competition was supposed to be held last year and also what was kind of new that we did was our coach made us practice 6:30 in the morning because we were going to have a seven o’clock practice over there so that prepared us to be ready to wake up early in the morning and just work hard. When we are going over there we knew that it was going to be difficult, it was going to be a challenge in order to get a medal. We knew that when we went out there it was going to be just volleyball and business. No matter what condition we would be in we still had to work towards our goal and that is to gain a medal. All the teams out there we’re on an equal level, it was up for grabs for the medals so you really had to work hard and you really have to want it in order to get a medal. For Nicaragua since that was a hometown team they had a lot of noise like what we had last year for the senior team but we focused and we did our job.”

Fatima Ramirez – Team Member, U23 Female Volleyball: “I got the best attacker and what I had to do to get this award is whenever my setter set me the ball I have to make sure that I make a point off of it. Yes, I was able to build friendship because like Sherika said there is at least one person from the team that can speak English and plus we have Melanie that speaks Spanish so she can translate for us.”

Jose Fontes, Coach of the U23 Female Volleyball National Team, said that the team had a good attitude going into the games and never got discouraged.  Fontes explained that the team displayed a lot of talent, there were power in their attacks and they were very competitive in the tournament. Fontes added that by placing second the team was able to gain the respect of the entire Central America./