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Team of 3 Belizeans Perform at Rio Olympics 2016

Two hundred and five countries from around the world have sent athletes to the 2016 Olympic Games currently underway in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The teams will be taking part in three hundred and six events surrounding forty two sporting disciplines ranging from swimming to judo and wrestling.  The games began Saturday, August 6 and will continue through to August 20.  Belize has sent a delegation with three athletes, namely, Katy Sealy, Brandon Jones and Renick James.  The opening ceremony took place on Friday with a parade of the athletes, music and festivity as well as they lighting of the Olympic cauldron.  During the opening ceremony, the Belize flag was carried by Brandon Jones.  29-year-old, Brandon Jones will be taking part in the Men’s 200-metres and is scheduled to compete on August 16, 17 and 18.  25-year-old, Kay Sealy will be taking part in the Women’s 100-metre hurdles and is slated to compete on August 16 and 17 while 28-year-old, Renick James will compete in the Judo Men competition on August 10.  The closing ceremony for the Olympic Games will take place on August 21.  Belize first participated in the Olympic Games in 1968 when it was held in Mexico City.  Since then Belize has had representation at ten other Olympic Games but to date has not won any medals in any of the events.