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Teck and the 30K Dilemma

Veteran cane farmer of the north, Lucilo Teck, owes the court thirty thousand dollars. His debt stems from a case he brought before the courts against the Sugar Industry Control Board. This was during the standoff between the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association and Belize Sugar Industries Limited. His aim, along with Attorney Audrey Matura Shepherd, was to force SICB to set a date for the opening of the crop season. However the standoff led to the creation of two other cane farmers associations which led to a date being set for the crop season. But Teck and Matura-Shepherd pressed the issue and they lost the case. Now Teck owes the court thirty thousand dollars, something he does not have. He is asking the BSCFA for assistance in paying his debt. Teck told us more.


Teck plans to hold a telethon to raise part of the money. He has raised one hundred and fifty dollars.