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Teen Gunned Down and Killed in Belize City

A family mourns the loss of their loved one after a young man died after being shot on Sunday night. The seventeen-year-old T Street Resident is not believed to be the intended target of Sunday night’s violence. Vejea Alvarez went looking for answers in yet another senseless crime.

While investigators are yet to determine the motive behind the callous murder of seventeen-year-old Michael Henry, they are taking measures to prevent retaliation. According to the mother of twenty-four-year-old Akeem Baptist, the driver of the vehicle that was targeted, the men and his brothers who are no strangers to the law were detained by police this afternoon. Denise Flowers says that the men were rounded up to have a peace talk with rival gang members in the area, but according to her, the men are not affiliated with any criminal elements.

Denise Flowers: “It after my ton sons. They had gone to take a swim and it looks like the guys they trailed them and starting letting go bullet and injured two of them. But the thing is as what we say those guys are relaxing, those guys are into peace. If you notice the past two months nothing was happening back a Martins. So I don’t understand why all the time they’re coming for peace talks from Baptist here and it’s not Baptist that are starting anything it’s the ones from front the PIV crowd they are the ones that need the peace talk you understand ? And I as Baptist I get tired. I lost one of my sons going for two year, up to now I haven’t gotten any justice but you know what happened ? I left everything in God’s hands because what goes around comes around. The same way how I’m grieving one of these days their mother will feel the same thing I am feeling because this round here is a circle. Today for me and tomorrow for you. And the young man that they killed this young man doesn’t fool with people, these boys are into enjoying themselves and having fun and play their ball. Come on they really have to get off of that, they have to put down the gun, relax. What are they getting out of the gun ? What are they getting out of that and I’ve really had enough. Me personally as Baptist I don’t want to lose any more of my kids because you know what you could bring it over I will give up my life and I will take the law in my own hands the next time they f*ck with any of my children because I’ve had enough. Because come on, we’re not looking for more problems.  Baptists are love but you have some people that just don’t like the Baptists them, like the Baptists are so bad. If the Baptists were so bad my son is dead, the killer that killed my son is still out there so if Baptists were so bad why a lot of them haven’t gotten gunned down ?”