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Teen Raped in Camalote Village

On Saturday, a minor was hanging out with her uncle and another man in Camalote Village. But what should have been a social and safe day for the girl ended with a brutal rape. The police questioned both the girl’s uncle and the man who is accused of raping her. While the uncle has been released following his interview, the head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch, Joseph Myvett says the suspect is still detained by the police.  

ACP Joseph Myvette: “At 4:30 pm a fifteen year old female minor in the company of her mother visited the Roaring Creek Police Station and reported that while she was socializing at a residence in Camelotte Village she was not feeling good and went into one of the rooms to rest and in the process she was approached by a male person only known by his first name who entered the room and forcefully had sex with her against her will. One person has since been detained pending this investigation, the uncle has been released but the other person remained in detention.”

Reporter: Is there anything that the uncle could be charged with perhaps in facilitating the crime?”

ACP Joseph Myvette: “Well as I mentioned that while the investigation is still ongoing he was detained and interviewed and later released however the case or the investigation is still on going so he can be re detained.”

If the suspect is convicted, it is expected his name would be added to the sex offenders registry.