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Teen Shot to the Shoulder in Old Capital

Eighteen year old Raheem Bodden was shot on Friday night while he was in his yard on Raccoon Street Extension. The shooting happened at around 9 o’clock and Bodden was shot to the shoulder. According to ASP Alejandro Cowo of CIB, investigators are trying to figure out if Bodden was the intended target.


What the police has so far is that he was at his yard at #15 Raccoon Street Extension when he claims he only heard a shot then realized that he was injured. The persons in the area were interviewed however up to now we cannot establish who was the shooter or the intended target as there were other persons inside the enclosed yard at the time of the shooting. His accompaniment is known to police who hang in the Antelope and Raccoon Street extension. We have detained several persons and have interviewed them however we do not have anything direct to link them to the shooting so we had to release them.”

Bodden is currently listed at the KHMH in a stable condition.