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Teen Who Fired Shots at Precinct Three, Injuring Four, Has History with Police

Residents of Belize City, particularly in the south side, have become accustomed to hearing of shooting incidents and murders in the various hotspots.  But on Friday, June 17, the entire city was taken aback at the new level that a 15-year-old had taken gun violence as he brazenly pulled out his weapon and fired multiple shots, not only in front of the Queen Street Police Station but also in the direction of the precinct.  The child has since been detained by investigators and according to Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, the minor is no stranger to the authorities.


“I think that the officers on North Side did a good job in explaining that the police are on that issue but the fact that a child is involved goes back to what we have been saying that it is paramount that we begin to focus as a society to remove these kinds from the hands of those persons who live every day to perpetrate criminal acts and on south side we have been doing it. Yes the young man involved is known to frequent an area on south side Belize city and I must say that he had been dealt with by the police in the past. We had removed him from the home of a known gang area on south side Belize City as well and he was sent to Dangriga where we know his mother is and I guess for some reason or the other the mother did not supervise him properly, he came back to Belize City and he did this. Like you rightly said I don’t think any sane individual would want to perpetrate an act like that and the fact that it is my belief is that he was not acting on his own volition, I think he was coerced by someone to go and commit that act and investigations are on their way and the police are probing to see how much they can get to be able to determine who may have coerced him to do that at the police station.”

In that incident, four persons were injured including a Corporal of Police, Alrick Arnold as well as 34-year-old, Graciela Castillo; 46-year-old, Elroy Saldano and 24-year-old Kean Smith.  The minor was searched upon capture and a nine millimetre Glock pistol with eight live rounds were found on his person.