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Teenage boys charged for murder of Eleazar Chan

Two teenagers have been charged with the murder of Eleazar Chan. The 42-year-old was fatally beaten in April, days after he went missing. ACP Joseph Myvett says so far investigators are still to establish a motive for the homicide.

ACP Joseph Myvett: On yesterday’s date Police have arrested and charged two persons namely Ronaldo Marin 19 years and a 15 year old minor for the murder of Eliezer Chan which had occurred on the first of April of this year in the San Pedro area of the Corozal district.

Reporter: Sir are you able to say what lead to the arrest of these two teens?

ACP Joseph Myvett:Well it’s the police investigation and the evidence gathered have led to their detention and eventual arrest.

Reporter: Sir these two boys did they know Mr. Eliezer?

ACP Joseph Myvett: Yes they did.

Reporter: Could you confirm or deny whether the firearm that you guys found in an abandoned house led you to the determination of these two suspect?

ACP Joseph Myvett: To some extent yes but I believe that we were already on a certain track in regards to the investigation so it’s not solely based on that.

Eleazar Chan had been badly injured in his head. His body was wrapped in a hammock and garbage bags and stuffed into a couch at his home in Louisville Village in the Corozal District. That couch was found later in a cane field in the San Pedro Village Area in the same district.