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Teenager Charged for Kareem Clarke’s Murder

A seventeen year old male has been charged with the murder of journalist, Kareem Clark.  Senior Superintendent of Police, Chester Williams says that since the murder police has been on the case investigating.


“Yesterday we were able to formally arrest and charge a 17 year old in respect of the murder of Mr.Kareem Clark. Since that murder took place we have been out there, we have been interviewing people and getting statements from people and we had a breakthrough about a week and a couple days ago in relation to that investigation and yesterday we got the removal order from the Magistrate Court, we brought the person from prison because he was in prison and he was formally arrested and charged for the murder of Kareem Clark.”

Chester Williams says that they have no definitive motive and it was just a random shooting. The minor is said to be an associate of the PIV gang.


“We have not come up with a definitive motive but from what we have been made to understand, it was just done randomly; there was no basic motive for it and the person whom we have arrested and charged is an associate of the PIV gang which is one of the gangs that is based in the St. Martins area.”

Williams added that they have been working with a witness since the murder took place and addressed the issue if the witness is to get cold feet on the day to make a testimony.


“What we did is to follow the procedures which had been set in place by the DPP in that when we record statements in relation to major incidents that we must ensure that the statements are recorded in the presence of a Justice of the Peace and so the statement of the witness was done in the presence of a Justice of the Peace and therefore I do not anticipate that we will have a situation where the witness might go to court and say they did not give the statement. There is an independent person around who can attest to the fact that indeed the police got the statement from the witness on a specified date and that the person gave the statement voluntarily.”

The investigation has not confirmed if Kareem Clarke was a case of mistaken identity and the murder weapon has not been ascertained although a firearm was found in the Vernon Street area which just might have been the weapon used.