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Teenager is charged for injuries to another teen

Police are also investigating an incident in which two teenage boys were involved. One of the boys who was on a horse is accused of dragging the other with a rope. ACP Myvett explained what happened.

ACP Joseph Myvett: “Warren Singh a fifteen year old student at the Belmopan Comprehensive High School reported to Police that on Tuesday sometime around 2:40 PM while exiting the school gate he observed a male persons riding a horse. The person on the horse had a rope and then threw the rope around him which ended up somewhere in the vicinity of his feet. As a result the rope was tightened and he was pulled a distance away on a nearby field. Police has since detained a fourteen year old minor who have since also been arrested and charged for the crime of wounding. Singh at the time also suffered abreassions to different parts of his body.”

Police still do not know what led to the conflict or if it was a conflict in the first place. //////