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Teenager Gunned Down in Rural Belize

A teenager was killed this morning in the Mahogany Heights area on the George Price Highway. 18-year-old, Ethan Thompson was reportedly attacked just after seven o’clock this morning. Assistant Superintendent of Police Fitzroy Yearwood told the media that preliminary information suggests that this incident may have stemmed from a feud.

ASP Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations, Belize Police Department: “We received information about 7:15 this morning of shots being fired on the second street from the police station in Mahogany Heights Village. When police responded they found the motionless body of an 18-year-old Ethan Thompson, Belizean student. Our initial investigation revealed that Ethan was riding a bicycle on that street when he was attacked by two young men where one opened fire on him causing his fatal injury. Whenever we have young people being gunned down like this in broad daylight we must examine all angles and the nature of his attack would suggest that someone was looking for him or probably feuding with him. For me to determine the exact reason or scenario I would have to give the investigators time and then I could get back to you as to a motive to what happened this morning.” 

Thompson’s father Valnygammes Thompson told our Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz that his son’s death may have to do with a previous shooting in the village but he believes he was randomly targeted.

Valnygammes Thompson, Father of Deceased: “I believe that thing is ongoing from Saturday and the police still didn’t do anything about what happened because we went and talked to the police and they came to pick up my son next Sunday and locked up the man and this morning I got to hear my son got shot. They shot ay my son’s car Saturday because he wasn’t in his car somebody else was in his car and they shot at it. Ethan is not into those things. Ethan was to school and make sure he is beside me or doing something. I just talked to him on Sunday because he said he had to go get a trim for school Tuesday. I wouldn’t say he was targeted, those guys just want to do a random thing because they say they are bloods and crips and that’s what they will call it but from different hood and they come in and things like that and do what they have to do. Ethan would run joke, be fun, he loved football and basketball, he just liked clowning people and those things. Only thing I would want to say is let my son go to rest I would want the violence to stop in Mahogany Heights because Mahogany Heights is a place for retirement and people to retire and cool out, this is not for people to come and do something like that. Unfortunately my son gone.”

Thompson added that his son was a fourth form student at Maud Williams High school and had planned to join the Belize Defence Force after graduating. His body now awaits a post mortem examination at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.