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Teenager involved in road traffic incident


A teenager is hospitalized after a hit and run incident last night in Belmopan. Our Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz has that story. 

A teenager is hospitalized after a hit and run incident last night in Belmopan. Our Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz has that story.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent, Love News: 22-year-old Leo Cho from the UB area of Belmopan is hospitalized at the Western Regional Hospital following last night’s motorcycle accident. Mr.Cho explained what happened. 

Leo Cho, Victim: “So I came and delivered food from New Capital for someone here at the hospital and after leaving the hospital heading back to New Capital Restaurant it seems that a vehicle collided into me near Forest Drive. There was a vehicle in front of me and the truck came slowly but didn’t have any indicator showing which way it would turn ,I thought it would come straight towards the hospital so I just continued my way straight and next thing I know is that this guy took a deep turn and I tried to either pass it or brake but the next thing I know he knocked me down. So I guess I was on the ground for about an hour, I lost a lot of blood.” 

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent, Love News: Did anyone come to assist you ?

Leo Cho, Victim: “No ambulance came, no one assisted me not even the police mobile but someone from Cotton Tree kindly assisted me bringing me to the emergency room since I was on the ground for almost an hour.” 

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent, Love News: Tell us the injuries you got.

Leo Cho, Victim: “It’s a concussion to the forehead approximately nine stitches, you could have seen my skull.”

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