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Teenager Missing, Family Concerned

The family and friends continue to struggle with how the police have been handling the investigation into the incident that led to the disappearance of seventeen year old Kelvin Usher. Another detail that has them puzzled surrounds a phone call that Usher’s sister, Leniqua Usher received on Monday. She says a police officer from the GSU contacted her.

Leniqua Usher – Sister of Kelvin Usher

“We got a text and I thought it was just a regular random person checking on me to find out if we found my brother and if he was okay. Well I knew that everyone knew that we have not found him so I decided to call the number and the person told me who he was and then I asked how he got my number and he asked me if I forgot that I gave him my number. This phone number is new and I wouldn’t give a police officer my number. He said that he was just checking on us and making sure that we were okay. So I asked if he was part of the search and he said no. So in the night last night when he had my daddy’s phone from when they arrested him he told me to give me the phone. So he asked me again if we found my brother and we told him no and that we were searching and that we could search during the night because it’s very dark. The person said that my brother ran when he saw them, when he heard those shots. So in my mind I’m like ‘but you told me you weren’t on this search so how will you tell me that he ran when he saw you all?’ So it’s not adding up.”


“So now you said that this GSU officer also had your brother’s phone?”

Leniqua Usher – Sister of Kelvin Usher

“Well that part I’m not sure but when I asked for the phone because I had been calling this phone all day on Sunday until Monday morning it went to voicemail so it obviously had just gone dead. They were like ‘oh what kind of phone was it?’ and he described the phone and I said yes it’s that and they were like ‘oh we found that in your dad’s car.’ That is wrong. People 17 are not going to leave their phone in the back of a car and have good service back here so why would they tell me that he left the phone in the car, they could have told me any other lie. They could have said that they found my father holding the phone or something, that doesn’t add up. We just hope that if they have him they bring him back to us, put him somewhere so that we can at least find the body and have a proper funeral. We just need closure because this is getting too scary and crazy.”

Usher says that they found her brother’s phone in her father’s vehicle.  Today the family also received support from students, Kelvin’s colleagues, of Saint John’s College Junior College.