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Teenager stabbed and killed; suspected killer crashes after escaping scene, killing his companion

A teenager of Punta Gorda Town met his demise inside a bar establishment yesterday evening.  18-year-old, Luis Cabrera Jr. was stabbed in the neck by 37-year-old, Alexander Ruiz, who is presently hospitalized. It is an incident that took on a twist as Ruiz sustained injuries after he and another man, William Garcia, were involved in a motorcycle collision when they escaped the scene. But it gets worse. Garcia was fatally injured in the collision. Toledo Correspondent, Paul Mahung has been following the incident since it transpired yesterday. Here is his report.

Paul Mahung: “A misunderstanding at about 5:15 PM yesterday at Dhahanny’s bar located on Serre Road just beyond Victor Sanchez football field resulted in fatal stabbing incident that left the victim dead as he was ongoing emergency medical treatment at the Punta Gorda Hospital. Family members at the PG Hospital identified the person to be 18 year old Luis Cabrera of Punta Gorda.”

ACP Joseph Myvett: “Cabrera was socializing at a bar in Punta Gorda when he seemingly had a misunderstanding with one Alexander Ruiz who during the altercation broke a bottle and inflicted one stab wound to Cabrera. He was then transported to the Punta Gorda Town Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.”

Reporter: “Do you all know what caused the initial fight itself? Have these two persons been known to have personal disputes amongst themselves?”

ACP Joseph Myvett: “Not that the witnesses have indicated.”

Paul Mahung: “47 year old Alexander Ruiz and 32 year old William Garcia fled from the scene on a motorcycle. Some fourteen or fifteen miles out Punta Gorda on the highway to Halacte, a short distance from the junction of the Southern Highway and San Antonio Road the men crashed with the motorcycle resulting with the death of William Garcia. He was pronounced dead upon arrival to the PG Hospital. Alexander Ruiz had head and body injuries who was then taken to the PG Hospital and thereafter to the Southern Regional Hospital in Dangriga.”

ACP Joseph Myvett: “Police learned that at the time the motorcycle was being driven by Alexander Ruiz. From our investigation he seemingly lost control of the cycle as he did not collide into… The actual collision was into a utility pole. Ruiz at this point in time is under Police Guard at the Southern Regional Hospital undergoing treatment.”

Paul Mahung: Both men are believed to be from Trio Village in Toledo. Angel Adolfo Coleman was a close friend of Luis.

Angel Adolfo Aleman Friend: “ He was a very kind person that anyone that he saw he would hail on the road and talk to them. He is when known in Punta Gorda because he was a good boy. He didn’t have trouble with the Police and would always go home early.”

Paul Mahung:Do you know if he had any problem with the two gentlemen?”

Angel Adolfo Aleman Friend: No he did not have any problem.”

Paul Mahung: “ Murder Victim Luis Cabrera lived with his parents, had one brother and one sister at their family residence in the Indianville section of Punta Gorda. Paul Mahung Toledo Correspondent Love News.”

Police report that all three individuals were drinking at the bar but Cabrera was on his own. Additionally, police say that Garcia, the person who died in the motorcycle collision, was not involved in the altercation which ended in Cabrera’s death. It is still not known whether the men had known each other before their encounter in the bar yesterday evening. Love News understands that the altercation between the victim and the killer may have been sparked over jealousy involving females who were inside the establishment. Alexander Ruiz is in a critical but stable condition at the Southern Regional Hospital. Police say their investigation will determine whether Ruiz will be charged with the deaths of Cabrera and Garcia.