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10% Decrease in major crime for 2017

The Belize Police department reports a reduction of ten percent in major crimes for 2017. The statistics presented were for the period of January to December 18, 2017. These were presented by Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie this morning at the weekly police briefing with the media. The statistics show a small reduction in cases of rape, burglary, theft and unlawful sexual intercourse. Meanwhile, there were a little fewer reports of robbery made this year up to December 18. The murder count so far, however, has not decreased.

Allen Whylie, Police Commissioner

“We have had 138 cases of murders reported currently and in 2016 we also had 138 reported for the entire year. Rape, we’ve had 22 incidents recorded in 2017 vs 23 in 2016 so rape is down by one incident or 4.3%. Robbery, we’ve had 245 reports in 2017 vs 232 so it is up to 13 incidents or 5.6%. Burglary we’ve had 732 incidents reported vs 800 that was reported in 2016 so burglaries are down by 68 incidents or 8.5%. Theft we’ve had 732 incidents recorded in 2017 vs 857 recorded in 2016 so thefts are down by 125 incidents or 14.6%. Unlawful sexual intercourse, we’ve had 55 cases reported in 2017 vs 87 cases recorded in 2016 so unlawful sexual intercourses cases are down by 32 incidents or 36.8%.”

Accumulatively, there were a total of 1,924 major incidents reported in the country for 2017 compared to 2,137 in 2016. This, the department states is an overall reduction of 213 incidents or ten percent for the period ending December 18. According to the Commissioner, the increase of murders this year, for the most part, is gang-related. The commissioner outlined that gang rivalry, turf fights, and the sale of drugs contributed significantly to the murders within the old capital.  A few murders have also been the result of robberies and domestic violence. The Commissioner also shared statistics related to firearms.


Allen Whylie, Police Commissioner

“The police department countrywide has seized a total of 162 assorted firearms compared to 142 for the same period in 2016. We’ve also seized 2,887 assorted calibers of ammunition compared to 1,806 assorted rounds. We’ve had 28 firearms recorded as stolen in 2017 compared to 38 firearms for the same period in 2016. We’ve also had 97 persons arrested for firearm-related offenses compared to 77 in 2016 and we’ve also had 50 persons arrested for ammunition offenses compared to 20 for the same period in 2016.”