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Tens of Thousands of Dollars Missing from the Corozal Hospital

Monies have reportedly gone missing from the Corozal Community Hospital and Police have detained a popular deejay employed at the hospital for questioning.  Reports began reaching our newsroom early this afternoon of an employee being detained by Corozal Police for questioning.  Health officials have refused to comment on the ongoing investigation, but multiple sources to Love News indicate that the missing monies are in the tens of thousands of dollars.  We were able to confirm that investigators have been in and out of the facility over the last few days as part of their investigation.  It is important to note that rumors of the missing funds had been circulating weeks leading up to the elections.  Minister of Health Pablo Marin was questioned on the incident last November by our colleague Alberto Vellos, but he denied any such issues at the Corozal Hospital.

Reporter:  The other question with regard to the hospital is a report that we receive just this week and you know I think you might have knowledge of this or not if it’s not true, that there is an internal investigation going on with an amount of money missing I was told involving the assistant administrator at the Polyclinic section. Do you have any idea?

Pablo Marin, Former Minister of Health: “No. I really don’t know. I’ve been in the campaigning from about one month ago and I had my CEO in charge and my DHS. I really don’t know but when we come out from here if God permits- you have to put first God – and then we will go and see if that is true or not.”

Reporter: If that is the situation and you are not aware of it would you hold somebody accountable for not informing you ?

Pablo Marin, Former Minister of Health: “Definitely. We need to know exactly what is happening. I’m not in right now so I don’t have the contact with the CEO. I’ve been getting calls right now I cannot answer all of them, by the time I reach home I have a hundred and ten Whatsapp messages so I cannot be answering all of them. My concentration right now is here in town and if maybe they didn’t inform me maybe it will be because leave Pablo on one side let him concentrate on his campaign.”

Our newsroom is following this story as it develops.