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Terminated Government Employee Files Lawsuit

Melissa Tucker filed a lawsuit against the government. Tucker alleged that she had been working at the Ministry of Education for seventeen years until she was terminated in 2013. She was a School Health Coordinator as well as the School Feeding Coordinator. Tucker disagreed with her termination because she believed that the ministry cheated her out of her rights. She claims she was to be regularized by the ministry to work in her then capacity of School Health Coordinator. She claims it never happened after many applications and letters for more than thirteen years. A hearing took place at Supreme Court today and Tucker spoke to Love News about her claim.


She also explained what happened in court in the presence of Senior Magistrate Shona Griffith.


Tucker’s attorney Magali Marin Young spoke to us and she told us about a relief the claimant sought but the Senior Magistrate dismissed.


Attorney Marin-Young claims that Tucker’s right to the protection of the law was breached since Tucker had made numerous appointments and submissions to regularize her post which was never referred.