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Territorial Volunteers Threaten to Go to Capital City If Demands Are Not Met

Earlier this month the Citizens Organized for Liberty Through Action, COLA, held a press conference in which they launched their ‘Build the Base Now’ campaign. COLA has received support from the Belize Territorial Volunteers as well as the Northern Territorial Volunteers. Orlando de la Fuente from the NTV spoke of their demands to Government.

Orlando de la FuenteORLANDO DE LA FUENTE

“The first demand we would like is for the removal of Wilfred ‘Sedi’ Elrington; the second one is for a removal of road and power lines that loop into Jalacte from Santa Cruz Village and the third one would be to stop the issuance of citizenship by putting a moratorium on the issuance of citizenship to Guatemalans. So, the last demand that we have to the government of Belize is the construction of the Forward Operating Base.”

Wil Maheia of the Belize territorial Volunteers says if their demands are ignored they will move forward and go to Belmopan.


“I think that, like you say, many demands that we’ve made have not been answered but we will have to take this to Belmopan and we are calling on the Belizean people to stand up for Belize. If we go to Belmopan, we need to call on the Belizean people. We will have to go to Belmopan, we have gone to all our border monuments, we’ve gone to Sarstoon.”

We will have more on this morning’s press conference in our evening news report.