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The ​Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Pays Homage to Belize’s Veterans

November 11 in many countries around the world is set aside for Remembrance Day, Armistice Day or Veterans’ Day. Belize held official ceremonies marking the armistice on Sunday and people are still wearing their red poppies to honor those who fought in the two World Wars. As a symbol of support, the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Belize held its first Remembrance Day event, inviting the Belize Defence Force to display some pomp and circumstance. Love News attended the event at the Ahmadiyya mosque in Belize City this morning and spoke to the organization’s first local missionary Ata’ul Haq (a-ta-ool hack) Gabb about the significance of the festivities.

Ata’ul Haq Gabb, Missionary ,Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Belmopan: “Internationally the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community we are in 215 different countries and when they’re established they actually have Muslims for Remembrance. So this is the first annual event because we have the mosque now. So what we do is that our faith tells us that we should have loyalty to country and these people they sacrificed their lives to the country so we try to show them appreciation, love and respect due to their services to the individual countries. We invited them over to have their march ceremony and also hold a small event here to just commemorate and appreciate them so they graceful accepted our invitation and they’re doing their march ceremony and different stuff here in the mosque. We wear our poppies and we also try to invite them over to give them lunch and so like just express our appreciation for them and remember them on this day to those who died in World War I and World War II. Our current Khalifa the Muslim Spiritual Leader for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has said that he’s been warning of a World War III and so we show this event to unit each and every one of us to prevent such a thing to happen.”