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The 16-year-old boy is not mentally challenged

For the past couple of days, Roy ‘Bullet’ Craig has come under much public scrutiny as he is in the center of a criminal investigation. A 16-year-old boy alleges that Craig sexually assaulted him on Friday night in a hotel room in Belize City. Craig denied the allegation when he pled not guilty before Magistrate Michelle Trapp. He claims he is being framed by a boy who he also claims is mentally challenged. Head of the Crimes Investigation Branch for Belize City, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo dispelled that assertion.


“Well, that is his comment he is free to say anything. I know that the police is conducting an investigation and what the investigation has led so far that’s why he was arrested and charged with that offense. He is not a mentally challenged person. Of course, we have to interview him in the presence of his mother, he is a minor, so anything that the police does a parent or a guardian has to be present when he is being interviewed or when the person is giving a statement once a minor. We are not disclosing all the contents of that investigation at this present moment. We have to be cognizant that it’s a minor that is involved and we should always be careful of what we have to tell you about that situation there.”

Investigators are reviewing security footage captured by the hotel’s camera.