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The Aftermath of Earl in Lake Independence (Belize City)

Hours leading up to the hoisting of the green flag indicating that the storm has passed, majority of residents from all parts of the country remained on social media expressing their shock at the strong winds and hard rains that Earl brought with him.  With Belize City not being directly hit by a hurricane for years, the residents seemingly underestimated the strength of a Category One hurricane.  As the rains battered the homes, structures and roads, Love News was out on the streets of Belize City where several persons were seen seeking refuge at the last minute in several of the hurricane shelters.  When daylight came about we went out to the streets once more to see what Earl in all its aggression had left behind.  We met up with some residents in the Lake Independence area.





In the aftermath of Hurricane Earl, the thoughts, emotions, goals and determination vary from person to person.  Some have lost so much, some have lost nothing and some have lost everything.