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The Bahamas is Keeping up It’s Guard Against COVID

The Ministry of Health and Wellness today recorded 12 new cases of COVID-19. This puts the number of active cases at 121. There are 160 cases under investigation and five persons hospitalized. Fortunately, there are no deaths to report tonight. The number of new cases have remained low over the past few months. And this is being reported across the region. In the Bahamas, numbers have remained low as well. We spoke to CEO of Arawak Media, Youri Kemp about the COVID situation in his country.

Youri Kemp, CEO Arawak Media: “Some positive signs, we have opened all the borders. All the resorts are open now so that’s good. We’ve removed a lot of the restrictions. We haven’t removed the mask mandate as yet but most of the restrictions in the, most of the mask mandates in the hotels are gone and we still have mask mandates for all the other places around the island for Bahamians but not for tourists who go to the resorts. So, that’s good. I think we’re on Level 2 now with the CDC. So people can travel back and forth to the Bahamas and not have to worry about having all these tasks and being afraid that you’re going to catch COVID here. Plus our numbers are down or in the single digits and we’ve had single digit numbers, uh, infection rates for about a month now. Don’t worry about five or six, if that. So that’s good. We’ve contained COVID here but we’re not sure if it’s going to flare back up again because you see the rates rising now again in some U.S. cities and in Western Europe. So how long can this maintain? We’re not sure but we’re just keeping vigil on how we can best keep everybody safe here.”

Reporter: How about the Easter break? Here in Belize we had like thousands of people just congregated in one spot, in tourist destinations, maskless, no social distancing, you know. I think here we’re expecting a sort of like a spike, maybe an increase in numbers in the next two weeks. Is that the case there?

Youri Kemp, CEO Arawak Media:  “No, no. Nothing’s happened. We haven’t seen anything. No one’s even anticipating that. They’ve been doing their contact tracing and everything’s pretty much even keeled. There hasn’t been any scare or infection rates rising and there were a lot of people out here partying as well during the Easter break but we haven’t heard any cases that the health officials should be concerned about at this time so I would leave that there. We’ll have to wait and see but I haven’t heard anything from them yet.”